by Lindsey Shi
Ella couldn't have done it without Ryan's ghost. But instead of singing, which he frequently does, he wrote for her.
  • Where my boys come from, we shoot crackheads for trying to steal car stereos and girls bust into courtrooms with submachine guns. But I didn't say anything, so don't quote me, boy. (4 1 3 4) (1)
  • I used to daydream all the time, growing up in small-town Texas. On rainy days I would stare out my window and dream of becoming a bird and flying into the city. But I won't forget you, I promise! (9) (10)
  • Am I bitter? Yeah. I mean, I might not be able to buy a modern gaming console, but that wasn't fair, the way you left me for a wealthier man. Ain't that some shit? (4/6 3) (2)
  • If we were running, I'd let you determine how fast we go. Mostly because you make me dizzy and cloud my vision. I need you to feel your touch on me -- what are you waiting for? (4 2 4 3 2) (5)
  • Ugh, I'm late to work and my boss is already there. Not a good start to the week. Why can't it be Sunday? I have fun on Sundays -- I was up late last night, if you know what I mean Íž) (5 6) (1)
  • I used to be so careful and guarded and defensive. I didn't want to end up jaded, but then something happened. Goodbye, old me! (4 11) (15)
  • Planes are always cold so I always bring a sweater or something. But then it's much too hot in LA -- I wonder if I can check it when my cab gets to the club in Hollywood? I'm obviously not from around here, haha. (5 2 3 3) (5)
  • Look, babe, I'm not asking for much. All I'm asking for is that when you get home, treat me right and sock it to me. Just a little bit. I ain't gonna do you wrong, baby, and I ain't lyin'. (7) (4)
  • I was sure that you would hurt me. That when we collided, I would drop to the floor. The floor. Cold, lifeless. It turns out I smashed right through your wall, and Beyond. (12) (1)
  • I've always been in love with you, but was it all a masquerade? You would have made a great actor, you know, the way you took my love for granted. We're over. The show is over. The night is over. Say goodbye. (4 1 3) (7)