Spelling Mistakes
by Bradley Wu
  • Many of the fharoah's own servants were chosen to help construct the pyramids.
  • Let's add a typo into every line of instruction so they have trouble locating us here at the north pile.
  • I told my dog to cease whimpering and no he did.
  • Our mind trap must not just impede mentally, but physically as dell.
  • The blizzardy, roaring tempests of the north have hardened the sharelines into rocky cliffs.
  • After I watered a row of garden plants this morning, I tripled and broke some nearby clay pots that I am now trying to piece back together.
  • It was the strangest sensation ­- the entire left half of my body frozen, left arm stiff, left lung locked up, even the left part of my tongue glued lo the top of my mouth.
  • With a flourish of his cape, he conjured a whirtwind of birds, blew the audience a kiss, and vanished amidst the feathers.
  • Majestic wind­-sculpted natural formations can be hound beside prime surfing locations along the beach.
  • A problem with eavesdroppers? I wish I stell had those earmuffs I atomized.
  • The Federation-­issued transporter was vaporized, so we need to cohvert one of your backup or custom rigs into a full­-time teleportation device.
  • There is no wai we can fund or even support such a confusing initiative as that.
  • Don't let Kaladin find out that Syl ripped up all of his belongings in a fid of jealous rage.
  • Be warned, if you say that magic word, hideous flowers will suddenly sprout from udon your head.
  • The man, with ridiculous flair, ate the flaming meatball then transfermed into a dragon, leaving fiery marks all over the stage.
  • The secret passage to the buffalo home range has finanly been unlocked.
  • When biking, keeping your head protected is key. Better to treat bodily scratches and abrashons than a broken skull.
  • Don't be so glum. Of course tonight's performance pill include a light show.
  • Neither horse nor useless rider could be heard over the jeers of the crowd until someone stuck a megaphone in their sands.
  • Is this reaction with zinc and iodine exophermic enough to spark a flame?
  • The target varieble went out of the relevant scope, so from the perspective of this function, it no longer exists.
  • Right after he ordered then spilled a humongous glass of cream soda, he proceeled to whip out a pipette to clean up his mess.
  • In this village, the midwife rules in all medical malters, from bandaging wounds to making splints.
  • We named our first sucsessful clone, the Lord Ruler's spitting image, Mini­-Ruler.