Around the Earth
by Cyril Lan
  • [04:11 Mar 21 2015] We reached the summit just before dawn. Looking four miles to the northeast, we could make out the twinkling city lights of Zermatt as the cloudless sky began to show the first streaks of day, enveloping the stars in a navy blanket. (115.8 34.2)
  • [20:34 Feb 09 2012] This place is quite the piece of history, built nearly five thousand years ago. Technically, we weren’t allowed to climb it, but we snuck past the guards and went anyway. From the top, we could see the lights of the city reflected in the Nile river underneath a cloudless night sky. (265.2 42.5)
  • [00:50 Jan 19 2012] I kept asking myself why I came to visit at night. No sun out for one, and far from the equinox when the sun is supposed to align with the ring of standing stones. Nonetheless, I walked around the outer perimeter of rocks, trying see if the stars would line up, to no avail. (81.1 17.7)
  • [01:36 Jun 20 2014] Today we took a nice evening hike up to an old Incan ruin. It was cold and drizzly at the start of the hike, but as we made our way up the terraces, the clouds broke revealing a dazzling night sky. One more world heritage site off my bucket list. (43.8 14.0)
  • [10:03 Oct 05 2019] Nothing like a night of camping on top of a giant dome of granite, especially when you know you’re not too far from home, but just far enough. I couldn’t fall asleep so I poked my head out of my tent and tried to count shooting stars. I counted three before I drifted out of wakefulness. (359.9 38.5)
  • [01:34 Oct 13 2018] We went on this climb after a five day safari trip. The summit is the highest point on the continent. With barely any light pollution around, the faint band of the Milky Way was quite distinct as I looked out toward the horizon in the pre-dawn hours. (357.0 40.8)
  • [21:49 Sep 06 2014] Never did I imagine in my life I would make it up this mountain. We arrived at the summit two hours ahead of schedule after departing Camp IV late last night. The first rays of the dawn’s light were poking over the eastern horizon, promising a crystal clear blue sky day. I felt like I was on top of the world. (311.7 19.6)
  • [15:06 Nov 01 2012] This mountain is quite the inspiration with its abundance of natural hot springs. Too bad we didn’t come in the springtime to catch the sakura blossoms too. After a six hour hike, we finally reached the edge of the crater at the summit. It was a beautiful scene, with layers of clouds below and a clear night sky above. (98.5 20.7)