Song and Dance
by Stephanie Chang
This seems like a great spot for a new number!
  1. A wealthy man marries the woman he loves. He soon realizes that she betrayed and caused the death of his friend. The man decides to form a secret society to save other lives. They are investigated by the man's archenemy, who attempts to enlist the woman's aid. Some members are unsure about one person's dedication, but the man remains confident that loyalty lasts forever. The woman realizes her husband's secret identity. The man orchestrates a ruse and a false execution, after which he plants evidence on his archenemy and leaves.
  2. A mysterious figure teaches a girl how to sing. Her vocal performance catches the attention of a childhood friend. The girl decides to give her roommate tips on how to become well-liked. The friend pursues the girl's affections and they promise to remain true to each other. The man becomes jealous of the couple and causes a number of chaotic incidents. He abducts the girl and holds her lover hostage. He eventually has a change of heart and sets them both free.
  3. A girl dreams of being on a dance show. When a spot opens up, she attends auditions but the producer dismisses her based on looks. Her dance moves catch the eye of the show's host, who gives her a place in the cast against the producer's wishes. The girl rises in popularity. The girl organizes a civil rights march. The producer calls the police, who arrive during the march. The girl is arrested and thrown in jail. Three friends rush in to the rescue, but are all caught and imprisoned as well. She escapes prison just in time to enter a prestigious competition. She takes the dance floor and performs with friends. The viewers give her enough votes to unseat the reigning champion. The girl receives a pardon. A celebration ensues.
  4. A man feels guilty about being a thief. He encounters a beautiful woman and they are drawn to each other. An ambitious advisor saves his life and asks the man to do him a favor. The man goes in search of an artifact and comes into good fortune. The man decides to disguise himself to court the woman he met. The woman does not approve of his feigned personality and he is initially rebuffed. The woman eventually recognizes his identity. The man tells the woman that she is more spectacular than all the sights he has seen in his travels. The man obtains permission to marry the woman. The advisor makes his move against the monarchy. The man tricks the advisor into an unfortunate situation. Everyone is freed and the couple is wed.
  5. Two girls matriculate at the same university. They unexpectedly become roommates. A handsome boy enrolls in their class. One girl bumps into the heartthrob and begins dreaming about their future together. After early friction, the two girls warm up to each other. They begin to study magic. The girls are invited to meet a famous man who turns out to be a fraud. The man makes one girl an offer, but she refuses. She leaves to forge her own path while the other stays behind. The first girl is labeled a public enemy. She is almost captured, but the boy helps her escape. They admit their love for each other. The first girl reconciles with the second, and fakes her own death. The second girl realizes that the man is the cause of much grief. She orders him to leave and takes charge of setting things right. The boy and girl find each other and slip away together.
  6. A young man attends public school and is mocked for his wardrobe. His parents' marriage falls apart and he runs away from home. The man successfully obtains millions of dollars. He convinces some friends to join him on his mission. He forges a new identity for himself and travels the world. Law enforcement begins to investigate. The man switches careers and falls in love. He meets his prospective in-laws but is arrested shortly after. He cuts a deal with law enforcement and is released after a shortened sentence. He works with the agent in charge and they become friends. The man pays back what he stole.
  7. A chorus girl is promoted after the show's star quits, and she sings in the spotlight. Her father is kidnapped and she makes a deal to take his place. She tries to escape but is attacked. Her captor follows her and saves her life. They begin to fall in love. A jealous suitor leads a mob to kill the man. His plan is unsuccessful and he falls to his death. The woman voices her feelings aloud. A curse is broken and they live happily ever after.
  8. The sister of a gang leader arrives in town. Her neighbors admit her unparalleled beauty though they find her behavior rather peculiar and uncommon. She falls in love with a rival gang member, which causes the two gangs to set up a fight. Two people are stabbed and the rest flee the scene. A false rumor is spread out of spite, and the girl's love is killed in front of her.