You all pause for a second, peering down into the depths of a shipwreck washed up on the shore of the next island.

“According to the manuscripts, this ship was the transport to Avalon,” Drake grunts, as the three of you heave a large chest out of the wreckage. “It must have gotten shipwrecked here in the middle of one of its trips. There might be some Templar artifacts on board.”

Sully wipes his brow. “This had better be worth it.” He strikes the lock with a crowbar and it cracks open. In the chest you find… nothing.

The lock was still intact, so there’s no way anyone got to the wreckage first. But wait, what's this inscription you find at the bottom of the chest?

In the distance you see what looks like a flotilla of mercenaries heading your way. “Looks like our luck’s run out boys.” Sully says. There’s no time to lose.

1Wipe out
6Butter is not one, Regina
10Sum preceder?
14Bitcoin harvester
15Prokofiev's duck
17Fly irregularly
18One type of patent
20Slipped (up)
22Animals in a Dalmatian coat??
24Kind of joke
26British humor, often
27Objects Drake often finds
31Genre of electronica
34Corniness expert
37Goddess who sounds extra?
39Breaking Bad or Westworld
43Savior for the stranded
44Dolphin and bat ability
45Dressed to the _____
46Player's state of frustration
48Likely home city of 47-Down
49Venerated ref.
50They may have variations
52What one may be full of, alongside vinegar
53Red, Yellow, or Black
54Former UN Secretary-General first name
56What many plants need
61Hyrule currency
67Suss (out)
69Serve soup, e.g.
70Author Chang
71They may justify the means
72Elite group
73Hyrule dungeon, frequently
74It may be standing
75They can be seen through
1Rapper name derived from initials
2Bar mitzvah, e.g.
5Slipped up
6WWII or Black Ops, for example
7The third man?
8Axl or Ruby
9Bay State capital
10"In this _____ I will…"
11What you might hear from 22-Across
12French treasure that you will find hidden in this puzzle
21Facts and figures
27Horned beast
29Unlikely 2018 World Cup participant
34Its name means "inside the river"
35Build up
40Fun jaunt
42Aromatic compound
47Bygone leader
51Pointy-_____ boss
53Touch, e.g.
55Labor camp
56What Burr likes to do
57Heart part
58It comes before trouble
59Bar _____
60Theatrical nosebleeds?
62Feeling of gloom
63Did Wintour's job, say
64Follower of something?
65Matches have a few of these
68Half a scolding