1.The Honorable Hallmark Holiday (Finished 11/10 at 10:07pm UTC)
2.Anonymice (Finished 11/10 at 10:26pm UTC)
3.Cardinality (Finished 11/10 at 10:31pm UTC)
4.🌮🌮taquito (Finished 11/10 at 11:19pm UTC)
5.topluck (Finished 11/10 at 11:56pm UTC)
6.Pot o Herrings (Finished 11/11 at 12:35am UTC)
7.Team Runpeng (Finished 11/11 at 1:14am UTC)
8.Singles Ready to Stay Inside (Finished 11/11 at 1:19am UTC)
9.Mobius Strippers (Finished 11/11 at 1:38am UTC)
10.Dogs Bound By Rules (Finished 11/11 at 3:13am UTC)
11.∫ntegrals (Finished 11/11 at 6:43am UTC)
12.Cardinality Rejects (Finished 11/11 at 7:42am UTC)
13.mixed electrical engineeringless edmonton player (Finished 11/11 at 8:09am UTC)
14.Yuki (Finished 11/11 at 9:33am UTC)
15.Aviation Laws (Finished 11/11 at 9:45am UTC)
16.The Idiot (Finished 11/11 at 5:50pm UTC)
17.ilovEMATh (Finished 11/11 at 6:11pm UTC)
18.Puzzkill (Finished 11/11 at 7:15pm UTC)
19.🐋 🆙 (Finished 11/11 at 8:29pm UTC)
20.Tuna Salad (Finished 11/11 at 9:00pm UTC)
21.Duck Soup (Finished 11/11 at 9:22pm UTC)
22.Jane Doe (Finished 11/11 at 9:39pm UTC)
23.TBA (Finished 11/11 at 10:05pm UTC)
24.Erotic Camgirls of /r/PictureGame (Finished 11/11 at 10:53pm UTC)
25.Endometrial Clots of /r/PictureGame (Finished 11/11 at 11:11pm UTC)
26.F13 (Finished 11/12 at 2:41am UTC)
27.Stupid Long Horses (Finished 11/12 at 2:48am UTC)
28.Team Blutarsky (Finished 11/12 at 3:06am UTC)
29.The Puzzledome (Finished 11/12 at 3:27am UTC)
30.Panda Expressionists (Finished 11/12 at 4:52am UTC)
31.Eggplant Parms (Finished 11/12 at 5:17am UTC)
32.Kevin (Finished 11/12 at 5:54am UTC)
33.Fresh Off The Puzzle Boat (Finished 11/12 at 6:33am UTC)
34.Full Moon (Finished 11/12 at 6:39am UTC)
35.Potluck & Dragons (Finished 11/12 at 8:30am UTC)
36.Lone Singer (Finished 11/12 at 7:00pm UTC)
37.Maru Proxy Squad (Finished 11/13 at 12:48am UTC)
38.Golden Golems (Finished 11/13 at 2:29am UTC)
39.Board games at 2am (Finished 11/13 at 3:47am UTC)
40.ogopogo (Finished 11/13 at 6:52am UTC)
41.Frumious Bandersnatch (Finished 11/13 at 7:13am UTC)
42.Tweleve Pack (Finished 11/13 at 7:33am UTC)
43.Chickentree Parms (Finished 11/13 at 10:40am UTC)
44.LesGaulois (Finished 11/13 at 10:31pm UTC)
45.team <insert name here> (Finished 11/14 at 12:42am UTC)
46.Callie's Enterprise (Finished 11/14 at 3:30am UTC)
47.PP Team (Finished 11/14 at 5:30am UTC)
48.Gnome Collectors (Finished 11/14 at 5:38pm UTC)
49.Gooey Butter Cake (Finished 11/16 at 3:59am UTC)
50.Trundlebugs (Finished 11/17 at 7:12pm UTC)
51.It's Just Tim (Finished 11/18 at 12:14am UTC)
52.Crunch Money (Finished 11/18 at 9:17pm UTC)
53.Phil and the Blanks (Finished 11/18 at 10:15pm UTC)
54.athenahealth (Finished 11/19 at 3:31am UTC)
55.Käseigel (Finished 11/19 at 4:36am UTC)
56.merlins (Finished 11/19 at 6:05am UTC)
57.grapes (Finished 11/19 at 9:51am UTC)
58.Alkaline (Finished 11/19 at 11:17am UTC)
Casual Track Finishers (alphabetical)
Hectic Puzzlers
Hydra Burritos
The Natural 20s
Wandering Daffodils