Passage to Avalon

“I have to admit, letting you take the manuscripts was the smartest thing I’ve done,” Fowler says, filing through the treasures piled up in the vault. “You brought me here faster than all the useless experts I employed before. But now that we’re here I have no more need for you or your friends.”

“I didn’t take you for a killing kind of guy,” Drake taunts.

“Oh I’m not. But they are,” Fowler motions to the armed mercenaries behind you.

“Wait!” Drake cries in a moment of desperation. “Just…wait. The Holy Grail isn’t here.”


“These treasures are too ordinary. The Holy Grail was too important of an artifact to leave in such an open space. The Knights Templar clearly wanted this room to be a decoy. They would have created a final test to prevent any commoner from getting to the grail.” Drake continued, glancing around the room. “Like over there!”

Fowler follows Drake’s finger to a hidden but legible inscription on the wall. “You’re clever Drake, I’ll give you that.”

“You and I both know that your experts aren’t going to get you to the real Holy Grail,” Drake says.

Fowler ponders, then motions to his men, who untie your restraints. “You’ve bought yourself another hour.”

“What’s the plan? We don’t know how to get to Avalon! We’re dead meat!” Sully whispers.

“…working on it!” Drake turns to the inscription, which also has some faint scratchings below it. How can you get to Avalon?

The Templar Treasure lies in Avalon.

Those who are worthy may assemble the device that points the way.

The treasures in this room will guide you.