“There’s your Underground Grailroad,” Drake says to Fowler. Drake has taken the group to another chamber on the island. He points down a long, narrow passageway with no end in sight.

Fowler takes a step inside. On Drake’s cue, Sully kicks Fowler to the ground. The three of you dash towards the other side of the chamber. As you pass through the entrance from where you came, you see Drake pull the pin off of a grenade and toss it back towards the firing mercenaries. You keep running. Your ears start to ring from the explosion behind you. Your vision becomes blurry.

When the world comes back into focus, you look behind you. The entrance to the chamber you were in has caved in, trapping Fowler and the rest of his men below.

“There, nothing to it,” Drake says to himself.

“I don’t know how you got us out of that mess Nate, but you did.” Sully brushes the gravel off his sleeves and pulls out a cigar. He looks at the closed off chamber, then at you. “Looks like we won’t find the grail after all. Sorry kid.”

Drake laughs, a knowing twinkle in his eye. “That wasn’t the Underground Grailroad… ever wonder why the London subway is called the Underground?”

You realize your time in the Fortunate Isles is coming to an end, and your next destination awaits…