Isle of Dogs

Drake lands the boat on the first of the isles. Before disembarking, he grabs a pistol and shoves it in his holster. “Can’t be too careful,” he winks at Sully.

Sully shakes his head. “Oh yeah, you’ll definitely need that here,” he says, motioning. You follow his outstretched arm and see a horde of…dogs?

You follow the dogs to the ruins of “Cavall Square,” according to the engraved stone marker you pass by. In the middle is a old bulletin board with some text on it. Could this be a clue?

1.After a newly-wed actuary finds his wife cheating on his honeymoon, he finds himself falling in love with a Scottish herding dog.
2.A small foxhound nicknamed "Beagle on steroids" repeatedly encounters his old college classmate and debates whether men and women can ever be just friends.
3.A pointed ear and bushy tailed Alsatian is entangled in a murder investigation involving his former mistress and his driver in post World War II Berlin.
4.A large, fluffy white dog with an intellectual disability and a brusque lawyer help each other become better parents.
5.A British spy faces off against a notorious assassin whose signature weapon is a large, long yellow haired dog known for fetching hunted animals.
6.A moonlighting master thief pulls off the heist of a large German domestic dog traveling from London to Folkestone.
7.A middleweight boxing champion with a wrinkled face and a pushed in nose deals with a violent temperament both inside and outside the ring over a twenty year career.
8.An Italian cleaner bred to look like the crest of a German town cares for a twelve year old girl from a dysfunctional family, who becomes his protege.
9.A black spotted dog travels overseas and struggles to fit in with her boyfriend's extremely wealthy family and his disapproving mother.
10.A deadbeat Welsh dwarf dog who Got Plenty o' Nuttin' falls in love with a drug-addict and protects her from the local bully.
11.A literature major enters a contractual relationship with a business magnate involving a tall, slender, smooth-coated racing dog.
12.An aspiring actress and a jazz pianist meet and pursue their dreams together in the city of the smallest breed of dogs.
13.A short-muzzled, curly tailed dog leads a group of misfits and his colony against a gang of marauders in this animated flick.
14.A first year jazz student is pushed to his limits by an abusive music instructor when he rehearses a song about the fastest accelerating dog in the world.