Inspector Chelmey and a handful of crime scene specialists arrived on the scene just as the sun disappeared over the west hill. Professor Layton stepped into the corridor outside to confer with the inspector, so as to let forensic team do its work.
"My team says you found the body in the salon, Layton. Good work!" Chelmey slapped Layton on the back — perhaps a little too hard — then quickly resumed his gruff demeanor. "But I still need answers, dammit! Who did this? And how did the killer even get into the house?"
"Hmm," Layton intoned. "Two very interesting questions."
Layton ripped a sheet of paper from his notebook and handed it to the inspector. "Take a look at this map I've drawn of the first floor. I've marked several spots on the map where I found bloody handprints, no doubt left by Dame Mortum."
Chelmey grasped the paper with both hands and turned it back and forth like a steering wheel, trying to make sense of it. "My word!"
"Indeed, inspector. It appears that Dame Mortum was attacked by our mystery assailant, yet managed to drag herself around the house to leave behind a message for us."
"A message? What're you goin' on about now? Do you know who killed her?"
"Hmm," Layton repeated. "Not quite yet. But I think her bloody trail will reveal a particularly bad habit of hers that, coincidentally, explains how the killer was able to enter the mansion. From there, we should be able to deduce the identity of the killer."
"Hmph! I don't have half the brain you've got, Professor. Just let me know the answer once you've solved it, eh?"
Who is the killer?
Ignore two-letter segments
Cajole; An error message you might get if you divide by 0
Cave, Cape, or City in Kanto
Dexter's counterpart
HBO show set in SF; "Rumor ____"; City in Côte-d'Or
Inhabitant of R'lyeh
It might be comprised of assets or parcels; ____ or not
It might be dead, weekly, or sponsored by Amazon
Its national flag features a temple
Noted Lord Protector (or his son)
One without a ticket; Event following a closure
Stones once used to prevent drunkenness
Crimean city; Slurred
Follower of Karl, Vladimir, or Joseph, perhaps
Moment of revelation
Not graceful; Give off
Parasite's home; Halite, commonly
Stephanopoulos, Vancouver, or Washington; Monastery of note
Treatment center; Bad kid's present; A line on the body; Illiterate, perhaps
"And so forth" (abbr.)
Back muscle
Be in the red
Drag Race's Gunn
High spd. connection
Hither and ____
Lemon ending
McCarran, on a display
Newspaper, informally
Sport do-over
Steely Dan album
Stimpy's pal
Take gold
The Final Fantasy with Cloud
Word in a Michigan J. Frog song
Hint 1:
The word that passes through each Clue character's starting spot is related to the character's color. The words that go down into the green and white starting spots wrap around the corner.
Hint 2:
If you're uneducated you might need an epiphany, because these sinister clues are not a giveaway.
Hint 3:
The bloody squares spell out Dame Mortum's bad habit. How can you use that phrase to find the next clue? Looking at a picture of a Clue board might help.