𐀀Christine and david
🐱Dana and Jeff
🚀🚀🚀Alfred Xue, Bobby Prochnow, Elmer Le, and Jing Wang
🦑🍩🦄Maria and Michael
17th ShardMeta, Exalted, RShara, Babilarian, MistCLOAKed, Moonrise, and DoomStick
8403 TeamJonathan Andrews
ABIMABTBIBAshley, Celine, Keo, Kyle, and Veronica
Alien LabCarolyn Russ, David Burow, and Jeff Braunstein
AlkalineAlvin Kissoon, Karkan Lo, Lynn Shi, and Min Chen
Alley CatsAllie and Zip Disquette
an attempt was madeAlisa, Sonya, and Steph
Anemonaschantilly and Jigg
Animated AmmenateRenee
AnonymiceCorin Anderson, Jenae Tabanao, Melinda Owens, and Tom Tabanao
Arrr!!!Alex and Patrick
Assorted LifeformsSquid
athenahealthAlex, Amir, Berit, and Jacob
Aubergine PlegsMistrals
Aurora borealis? At this puzzle hunt?Patrick
Aviation LawsDeusovi, Dylanamite, JimboSlice, Leveloneknob, and ManyPinkHats
Baby Seal ClubGerk, John, and Joseph
barbara kingsolveralexcole, benkraft, diyang, and ghsyu
Bare NecessitiesNathan
Baron eat the potluckArthur, Ben, Seth, and Vivian
Beep Boop I'm a ShoopEthan Ordentlich
belchsErik, Harley, Joe, Sallyann, Samson, and Zaid
BelmonstersCarlos, Clare, Dan, David, and Lara
B'eren PlanetMik B'eren, Oro B'eren, and Vak B'Donag
Bill of ScarletBill and Scarlet
Bizarre AdventureBrian, Henry, Raghav, and Will
Black Fedora GroupHarrison Ho and Moor Xu
Blair Puzzle LordsDavid Stein, James Schafer, Michael Kuiper, Ning Bao, Peter Hammond, and Robert Martin
Blue HerringsAmanda Harris and Drew Nelson
Bob's WafflesJacqui and Kevin
Braunwavesbetaveros, Ethan, Michael Schnatter, Nikhil Reddy, and Rusty
BrokenBinaryEric Conrad, Gideon Fostick, Heather Kennedy, and Jesse Lansner
Broken UmbrellasLinda Xu and Patrick Lin
brooklyn five-fiveAndrea
Bugs in the SystemAdam Campbell, Jennifer Kidder, and Nathaniel Lee
Bunsolvable BaconundrumAndrew McLeod, Anh Duong, Cassie Hoef, Rick Manning, and Stephanie McLeod
Caesar Shift SaladJon and Mike
Calcifying CanariesBenj Bradshaw, Brent Mair, Jenna Howard, Jonathan Ence, and Royce Severson
Callie's EnterpriseRichard Chiburis
captain pancakeAlex, Alisa, David, and Heymian
CardinalityBig Baller, Big Brain, Big Chungus, and Big Trouble in Little China
CardinalityRejectsAmruth Venkatraman, Anthony Hsu, Derek Wu, Hassler Thurston, Leon Zhang, and Ryan Liu
CastlerollMary and Sarah
CasualCasualKyra Stewart
Chicken Parmesan SandwichAmber, Gavin, Julie, and Kelly
Chicken & ROFLsAlan, Changyi, Dan, and Dave
Circles All the Way DownIvan Negri, Jonathan McCue, and Summer Herrick
Clem ChowderAiden Low Yew Woei, Alex Chan Tjun Chuang, Clement Goh Chang Ming, and Jaivignesh Venugopal
Clever CorgisAmy, Brian, Jared, and Priscilla
ClickPointTeapotEmily and Sid
Commander VimesA, M, P, R, and S
Cool DudesMatias and Meg
CornchakJason Deakins
Corvus Ailurus MusAndrew Lawson
Covered in 🐝🐝🐝Aidan, Alex, and Emma
Critical Space ItemAnna Brunner, Kara Brugman, Kayla Iacovino, and Michelle Aigner
Crunch MoneyAndrew Cypiot and Jim Ostrowski
:DJordan, Kyle, Leland, and Manar
DatamonstersJeffrey Wang, Kevin Wu, and Neil Fitzgerald
DecimalsMeridith Brand
Deuce Bigelow Brought ProfiterolesDR, CL, SN
deupbapalex9801, doju, jh05013, and kriii
DJUltomegaDJ Ultomega
Doc BrownMarcel
Doggo Ergo SumEffie, Girts, and Josh
Dogs Bound By RulesAlan
DoraemonNipun Pitimanaaree, Pon, and Tana Wattanawaroon
Dora's Dutch BackpackMathijs and Nikita
DPearlRyan Wang
DrakeDerrick Marcey
Dr. Too-LittleAkira, Alison, Calvin, Josh, and Yoojin
Duck GizzardsDawson, Elliot, Jesse, Josh, and Sam
Duck SoupAndrew Araki, Giovanni Pagano, Jack Brounstein, and Kagami Ame
easteastbayAngela, David, Grace, Jeanne, and Susie
eATMEMatt Amee
EBEric Berlin
Eclectic MediocrityAndrew and Jodi
Eggplant ParmsLevel 51, lovemathboy, Meicoo, and moo
elephant 2⁸²⁵⁸⁹⁹³³ − 1bran, FauxUnknown, Gone, Kelfran, and xxgrowzz
Elephants AnonymousMichael and Pippa
EmleebMichael Lebowitz
Enigmatic PoriferaLars Johnson
Esketit Chuttiegang of /r/PictureGameEager Chuttie, Eastern Chuttie, Ël̏d̪r̈́i̩t͡c̛h᷉ C̭h̴u̿tͤṫi̩ȩ, Empty Chuttie, and ey Chutn-
ET Baby SnakeletsJason Ye, Linus Hamilton, Margarita M...., and Maya Sankar
ET Phone In AnswerDylan, Jordan, and Lily
everyone brought dessertLiam Thomas and Sam
Extraction o'Clock at /r/PictureGameEmbargo Cryptics, Eponymous Crimson, Equivocally Clever, Estival Calefaction, and meowmix808808
filthy casualDrew
Fish and the MonkeysAlex Lam, Sammy Katta, and Stephen Connor
Five Minutes FasterJan, Jen, Jody, and Louisa
Forty Baby TeethPaul Smith
FriendoJennifer Blight
friendoTeresa Lin
FrispelLars Hallgren
frosofriendsEmily, Ethan, Jillian, and Vinjai
Frumious BandersnatchAaron Hume, Cheryl Gaul, David Kelley, James Yeung, Maggie Vo, Miriam Gershenson, and Sin Kim
Fumbling picklesDepression Ninja, Jest, Jill, and Squid
Funky Fruity MouthfeelStephanie and Vincent
FuseBridget, Jason, and Tom
Galactic GreepeopleAddison Wright, Jess Wang, Kevin Yan, and Sasa LaRue
Galaxy Truffle HuntersJosie McNally and Lawrence Troup
gbtwHan and Will
Give us a KlewiAlex, Ian, Kevin, and Nikhil
Go Banana!Albert
Goblin WeidlingMark Gottlieb
goderbbeth goder
Golden GolemsYossi Fendel
Golden WeekendJeff
Gone with the PiwendCasey Harmon, Paul Shen, Rita Chen, Sean Liu, and Yiwen Zhan
GrapesA Grape, Grape Tomato 🍅, Green Grape, and The Grape of Math
Group TheoryJon Raybin
Gunmetal SteelCharles, Grace, Jackson Popkin, Jess, and Lok-kin
HaleDuke HotDishAndrew Foerster and Max Woghiren
HarryCariaPhilip Hall
have you tried not living in the bay areaaaron bader, ankur mehta, Julia Wagner, and Pranjal Vachaspati
Hectic PuzzlersGwendal, Pavel, and Vivien
HighFiveJames, Jason, and Meredith
hobgoblinAlan, Antti, Dean Huff, and Sheila
HobnoblinsAmber, Dustin Foley, Nephi Noble, The Sara Wang, and Trevor Balint
I Am ConpuzzledAdam, Jonathan, Larissa, Liz, and Ryan
idkboboquack, Grape, Sharky, TGE, and ww
InediblesIngrid Jendrzejewski
Intelligence Check With DisadvantageCyril Lan, Jasmine Moy, Kenny Yan, Richard Shieh, Sean, and Siva Srinivasan
InvalidDDiscordantAnt, Ellibereth, InvalidD, Kagami, and Pivotal
It's dangerous to go alone...Dalton Chappel
It's Just TimTim
Jabberwockyamanda, Geodus, Maturin, and QuanticMage
Jack Is da BombJack
Jane DoeDan, Dawyer, Dore, and Drake
j apart east or hFer, Han, Julia, Stephen, William, and Xander
JunoChris Downie and Kathryn
Just Doing The DishesDaniel, Dennis, Joanna, and Tobey
Just For The HalibutAsher, Roger, and Will
Just meYe
Keep Puzzling and Nobody ExplodesCloud, Goofy, Joman, numdegased, and Timwi
KevinKevin Orfield
Ladder DogsAbdi and Misha
Leggo My EggoCaimmy, Gee, rq2300, and Vivi BBT
LesgauloisArkandias, Az, Christophe, Julien riffaud, LeSingeMalicieux, Pickboum, Redlum, and Zinbus
lessachuChris Yao, Doug Zongker, Jan Chong, and Yar Woo
Light BendersDJUltomega
Low ExpectationsD Li, D Salgado, Isaac Browne, Josh Abrams, and Z Lee
Luck of HerringsEli Shupe and Zach Barnett
Mac and Cheese GraterJeffrey Luo and Maxwell
Magic Hat E-I-E-I-OCale Horeff
Make a duck!Anderson Wang, Ben Yang, and Damien Jiang
Make America Fabulous AgainGreg ostfeld and Gregg Katz
Maltese FalconMartin Doublesin
Me and The BoysChrubble, Ciel, Pope Gadget, Skittle, and TheToaphster
mereqatsClayton Colwell
Middle of the pack 🐺
MightyTitiChayisara and Pakkapong
Möbius StrippersDrParty, TheOneEye, and VeeArr
MOP 2019
MOPpersAdithya Balachandran, Evan Chen, Frank Wang, Gopal Goel, Ishika Shah, Jaedon Whyte, Justin Yu, Maxim Li, William Wang, Xinyang Chen, Yuan Yao, and Zifan Wang
More About VikingsDavid Glasser and Max Avener
Most Fat TurtleAmy Liu, Debbie Ma, Edward Dai, and Raymond Wu
Mr BCM Is Our SnugglebunnyBethany
Much Mind-boggleCelestine, Regina, Shijia, and Weizhen
Mystik SpiralDan Katz and Jackie Anderson
never forget KradAbyline, Dorian, Exuno, Groo, Inoko, and monkey
Not the Bay!Aaron Bader and Pranjal
NullPointerExceptionDarrin, Max, and Vicki
oaklandtechMarly, Nathan, Nick, Nicola, Obie, and Zack
Obtuse Beaver ZebraAndrew, Edward, Hampton, Kelsey, Kevin, and Mike
Off In the LabChristina Peterson, Greg Norfleet, Jo Pang, Justin Q Taylor, and Lukas Karlsson
ogopogoChair wrist are and Sir Scooby T
oh noAshley
One-Man DisasterDanny
ookian, james, and zed
Orange Pee CoAtrialfun and James Ellard
Orange you glad we Misremembered Apple?Ian Gallagher
Order of MagnitudeMatt
Our Team IsDavid Zhang, LavaScorpion, Marge Tian, Melissa Slaughter, Niki Tubicki, and Tony Zeng
PalarkhapinskybergAlex, Daniel, JUSTIN, and Lotta
Panda ExpressionistsAlex Bullen and Michael Borohovski
Pan-Galactic Goose SyndicateDavid, Geoff, Isa, Julie, Kira, Nadi, and Nick
PDazzlePeter, Patrick
Pie PartyDaniel, Kathleen, and Lucy
Pineapple SquadKai Li
PlatypiAlvin, Ben, Claire, and Shirley
Please ClapAnson Berns, Ben Coukos-Wiley, Courtney Wilson, Daniel Zhu, Ian Rackow, Jonah Nan, Joshua Batkhan, Kevin Qian, and Kevin Zhou
PluruFrictionlessEmu, ky, Teddybear, and Tomino
PotatoMing Tsai, Robert Bosch, and Steve Ketchpel
Potluck & DragonsDai, Kevin, Kevin, Lily, Lisa, and Matt
Pot of HerringsAlex, Danna, Eshan, Sara, and Zach Z
Pottled PuzzluckAlex Boisvert, Elissa, Lisa, and Tammy
PuzzkillEmily Karp, Justin Karp, and Ricky Biggs
PuzzlebrainsBunny, Chazzie, Sally, and Scurra
Puzzled VeevansAlan Wang
Puzzle HuntersJustin Lin
Puzzles of MouthAndy Budzinski, Carolina Gadonas, and Matt Ambler
Puzzles on a PlaneMatt Gruskin
Puzzle TrainAina
Puzzling Group of /u/EliteCanadianPathetic at Goalkeeping, Praetorian Guard, and Pretty Girl
Puzzling PeopleAdam B
Puzzlin' WugsHannah and Marcus
Quarks and Gluons.5t, Adam Rosenfield, Eleanor, Jason, Marla, and YiHsin
Quit Talking and Everybody ExplodesClay, CrazyToad, DrMrCool, EpicToast™, Kusane, Quadraxus, and Tas~Thing
qu🐜um eleph🐜scat, clue, clue2, Navi, and Patrick
ratolibre1Arturo Vial Arqueros
Ready to FailAlan Fetters and Will
[Redacted]Lily Chung and Steven
Red Robin RascalKuzurreesh
Relatively Theoretical ConstructsMikey and Steph
RHouseJohn Sena
RiverAlbert, Eileen, Katherine, and Mike
Rock LobstersJulie Gaddy and Steve Gaddy
RunTheJewelsAndrea Pallavicini, Eric Kelly, Erica Johnston, Jenn, Jon Taves, and Tom Puzak
ScreamingOttersJoey Murphy and Matt Laboe
ScreaminOttersJoey and Matt Laboe
segmentation faultLavender Jiang and William Huang
Shackleton's ArmyJulie Scott
ShamrocksClaire McLellan-Cassivi, Jenny Zhang, Lacthu Vu, Toomas Tennisberg, and Wayne Zhao
Singles Ready to Stay InsideKainin and Marlin
sixdIan Leow and Khor Shi-Jie
SoloAn Hiro
SoloRitzRithik Sebastian
Soup DumplingsRobert Au and Zizhuang Yang
Spartan SleuthsMichael
SPecial oPSNigma
Special Task Force: UnicornDan Cashmore, Josh Bluestein, and Tery Noseworthy
spinytoonsPaul W. Quimby
Spiny ToonsAlwina, Bavani Kehoe, Paul W. Quimby, and Rebecca
SREENIGNEAaron Riccio, Brandon Ashinoff, Gabe Templeton, John Santino, and Solomon Stein
SS EstoniaChris, Vahagn, Xiao, and Zach
Staggering Genius
Stale Off the Puzzle BoatCameron Montag, Christopher Reyes, Liam Thomas, and Sam
Stooth MovesAndrew
StriketeamAKim T.Y. and Lee G.H.
Strip EndplayJen Chalfan
Such Mind-boggleCelestine and Regina
Suddenly Rapidly Flow of Venae CavaeAvaLovelace, CHEN, r3mark, and WillFlame
Super Team Awesome TooDabin, David, Landon, Steph, Victor, and Yaning
SweetPotatoesBaked, Boiled, Chip, Fry, Hash Brown, Hasselback, Mashed, Roasted, Scalloped, Stewed, and Tot
synodDiane Heaton, Lewis Powell, Michael Sylvia, and Sara Goodchild
TalMuDMatthew Stein and Tali Cohen
TalµDMatthew Stein and Tali Cohen
Team AwesomeAllison Smith and Tyler Smith
Team Eagle TimeAlex Kent, Kenneth Nearey, and Leland Aldridge
Team of OneJesse Anderson
teamprideAndreia, Iole, Lexo, and Livio
Team Runpengkyc
Team Schneez SquadDan, Jake, and Steve
Technicality No Down Boo OverAli Lloyd
Terminator 2: Georgement DayGeorge
Test Solution Please IgnoreEmma Liddell and Kayla Sward
Tex_tSegmentationdanielbunchie, ggoh29, and holydust
tftijason derulo, jdoge, kcat, RachelAF, sssnek, and vvvvvvvvvvvv
Thai Basil No BasilAmy, Grant, and Suzanne
The BadmintoniansChloe, Chris, Daniel, Sonal, Tom, and Xander
The Baersitters ClubAndy, Eugene, Gabby, Joey, and Stephanie
The Beached WhaleLaura Bay and Tommy Bay
The Beginner's GuideHelena
The Bermuda PanangleSafitri Widagdo, Thomas Lydston, Trevor Leitch, and Tsong-Ping Chiu
The Cool Guys AgencyDecimeter, Kaiserlucas, Pyraq, Tanookid, and Tealazeal
The Funeral Potatoes
The Funky Town Monkey PimpsMathias Annot
The Gab AcademyAllen
The HAMSAlex Hamling
The HootligansAlex Guzman, Cauchy Choi, Channing Wong, and Tynan Smith
The JunimosPhilip, Robin, Sana, and Steven
The LexingtonsCarlos, Daniel Padawer, Greg, and Nico
The Lone SingerKah Kien Ong
The Milky PikoUri Ashkenazi
The Natural 20sBrian Schoner, Greg Watson, Heidi Pritchett, and Sean Molley
The OrangesArnav Singhal
The PuzzledomeBrian, ITS ME WOLVIE, Kitty, and Weber
The Snood FamilyJosie, Kieran, and Matt
The Very Small Round TableA
The WaitressesTyler
Third Gate GamesJoe and Stephanie
titanicRex Miller
TomSawyerDR, Hix, TB, and ZF
Too Lazy for a Team NameEric and Mandy
topluckBella Guo, Chris Rude, Herman Chau, and Jonathan
TotorosAlastair Aitchison, Anthony Hoover, David Lewis, Joel P, MB, Nick B, Owen Halpert, and Wei-Hwa Huang
Trebek's RejectsJenn Nicholson and Steph Prusak
Triviyumbrian, greg, jenn, and jesse
TruFactChris, Erin, Tanis, and TK
TTXA god, Belgium Bandit, Gaborn this way, Json Who, PokéDAX, and Serge Protector
Tuk the Half-Orc PaladinCoyoteCreed
Tuna Salad 🐟Lillian, Sharon, and Sophia
TurbochooksLoz and Nick
Turkey&KestrelHayley Favell and Tom
Tweleve PackFuzzy, Molnar, and Rainman
T. Yoshisaur MunchakoopasBelinda Shi, Michael Tang, and Mihir Singhal
VJLDLilyana Boneva
V. M. VargaGeorge
Walk, Never RunAndrew
Wandering Daffodilsme
Waxing Gibbonsmconst
weareyoungColin, Jonathan, Justyn, Wilson, and Yao Chong
Weirdos, Inc.Brian
we liquified rickyabram, celine, iris, lee, and sally
We Only Brought Chips
We're Doomed.
Who Liquified Ricky?brandon, celena, johnson?, jon, and ricky
Whut?Christopher Stark
WolverinesDerek Allen
woofAlex Irpan, Jessica Wang, and Nishant Pappireddi
WTFTadashiDan, Richard, and Tim
XX-RatedCarson, Debbie, Nina, and Rachel
YaliesAlex, Alexander, Andre, and Louis
Yolo SwagginsCornelius
You and The GalsDijon, Lothus, Nivrad00, Parachor, and RaspberryAle
YukiBrian Ho, Felix, katian, Liang Jun Tseng, and Sherry Liao
ZenMicah Shenk-Evans