1.Quarks and Gluons (Finished 6/15 at 9:28pm GMT)
2.Pot of Herrings (Finished 6/15 at 9:37pm GMT)
3.barbara kingsolver (Finished 6/15 at 10:19pm GMT)
4.Blair Puzzle Lords (Finished 6/15 at 10:21pm GMT)
5.Cardinality (Finished 6/15 at 10:31pm GMT)
6.Aviation Laws (Finished 6/15 at 10:37pm GMT)
7.Datamonsters (Finished 6/15 at 11:38pm GMT)
8.Hobnoblins (Finished 6/16 at 12:51am GMT)
9.qu🐜um eleph🐜s (Finished 6/16 at 12:53am GMT)
10.The Puzzledome (Finished 6/16 at 2:11am GMT)
11.Möbius Strippers (Finished 6/16 at 2:20am GMT)
12.🐱 (Finished 6/16 at 2:43am GMT)
13.eATME (Finished 6/16 at 2:48am GMT)
14.have you tried not living in the bay area (Finished 6/16 at 3:21am GMT)
15.Duck Soup (Finished 6/16 at 4:12am GMT)
16.Dogs Bound By Rules (Finished 6/16 at 4:45am GMT)
17.Mystik Spiral (Finished 6/16 at 4:53am GMT)
18.Braunwaves (Finished 6/16 at 4:56am GMT)
19.lessachu (Finished 6/16 at 5:07am GMT)
20.Duck Gizzards (Finished 6/16 at 5:15am GMT)
21.Puzzling Group of /u/EliteCanadian (Finished 6/16 at 5:21am GMT)
22.Eggplant Parms (Finished 6/16 at 5:23am GMT)
23.topluck (Finished 6/16 at 6:06am GMT)
24.InvalidD (Finished 6/16 at 6:16am GMT)
25.The Lexingtons (Finished 6/16 at 6:40am GMT)
26.SS Estonia (Finished 6/16 at 6:44am GMT)
27.Puzzkill (Finished 6/16 at 7:34am GMT)
28.Singles Ready to Stay Inside (Finished 6/16 at 7:43am GMT)
29.belchs (Finished 6/16 at 8:41am GMT)
30.Pan-Galactic Goose Syndicate (Finished 6/16 at 12:41pm GMT)
31.Baron eat the potluck (Finished 6/16 at 6:53pm GMT)
32.Stale Off the Puzzle Boat (Finished 6/16 at 7:22pm GMT)
33.Pluru (Finished 6/16 at 8:40pm GMT)
34.Circles All the Way Down (Finished 6/16 at 8:41pm GMT)
35.🚀🚀🚀 (Finished 6/16 at 9:26pm GMT)
36.Potato (Finished 6/16 at 10:09pm GMT)
37.Extraction o'Clock at /r/PictureGame (Finished 6/16 at 10:25pm GMT)
38.Who Liquified Ricky? (Finished 6/16 at 11:16pm GMT)
39.tfti (Finished 6/16 at 11:39pm GMT)
40.Lesgaulois (Finished 6/16 at 11:51pm GMT)
41.j apart east or h (Finished 6/17 at 12:22am GMT)
42.Esketit Chuttiegang of /r/PictureGame (Finished 6/17 at 12:33am GMT)
43.weareyoung (Finished 6/17 at 12:48am GMT)
44.𐀀 (Finished 6/17 at 2:10am GMT)
45.Funky Fruity Mouthfeel (Finished 6/17 at 2:49am GMT)
46.never forget Krad (Finished 6/17 at 2:53am GMT)
47.onedaylate (Finished 6/17 at 3:17am GMT)
48.Please Clap (Finished 6/17 at 3:42am GMT)
49.Palarkhapinskyberg (Finished 6/17 at 4:21am GMT)
50.It's Just Tim (Finished 6/17 at 4:33am GMT)
51.Kevin (Finished 6/17 at 4:36am GMT)
52.woof (Finished 6/17 at 4:40am GMT)
53.Bunsolvable Baconundrum (Finished 6/17 at 4:42am GMT)
54.synod (Finished 6/17 at 5:15am GMT)
55.Dr. Too-Little (Finished 6/17 at 5:20am GMT)
56.Give us a Klewi (Finished 6/17 at 5:54am GMT)
57.You and The Gals (Finished 6/17 at 6:08am GMT)
58.Soup Dumplings (Finished 6/17 at 6:18am GMT)
59.Totoros (Finished 6/17 at 6:21am GMT)
60.Team Eagle Time (Finished 6/17 at 6:32am GMT)
61.Make a duck! (Finished 6/17 at 6:59am GMT)
62.Jack Is da Bomb (Finished 6/17 at 8:27am GMT)
63.Yuki (Finished 6/17 at 8:37am GMT)
64.Potluck & Dragons (Finished 6/17 at 12:05pm GMT)
65.Luck of Herrings (Finished 6/17 at 12:35pm GMT)
66.T. Yoshisaur Munchakoopas (Finished 6/17 at 8:38pm GMT)
67.[Redacted] (Finished 6/17 at 9:38pm GMT)
68.Low Expectations (Finished 6/18 at 12:30am GMT)
69.Grapes (Finished 6/18 at 5:56am GMT)
70.The Hootligans (Finished 6/18 at 6:03am GMT)
71.Chicken & ROFLs (Finished 6/18 at 6:36am GMT)
72.Bugs in the System (Finished 6/18 at 1:23pm GMT)
73.Just For The Halibut (Finished 6/18 at 3:21pm GMT)
74.The Lone Singer (Finished 6/18 at 5:06pm GMT)
75.we liquified ricky (Finished 6/18 at 7:01pm GMT)
76.deupbap (Finished 6/18 at 8:11pm GMT)
77.Belmonsters (Finished 6/18 at 8:59pm GMT)
78.Shamrocks (Finished 6/19 at 1:05am GMT)
79.segmentation fault (Finished 6/19 at 2:03am GMT)
80.Baby Seal Club (Finished 6/19 at 3:06am GMT)
81.Spiny Toons (Finished 6/19 at 4:14am GMT)
82.17th Shard (Finished 6/19 at 7:47am GMT)
83.Puzzled Veevans (Finished 6/19 at 8:11am GMT)
84.Intelligence Check With Disadvantage (Finished 6/19 at 12:20pm GMT)
85.Golden Golems (Finished 6/19 at 5:32pm GMT)
86.NullPointerException (Finished 6/19 at 7:14pm GMT)
87.Suddenly Rapidly Flow of Venae Cavae (Finished 6/19 at 9:48pm GMT)
88.Corn On The Cob (Finished 6/20 at 2:08am GMT)
89.kuerbis (Finished 6/20 at 2:32am GMT)
90.Quit Talking and Everybody Explodes (Finished 6/20 at 4:11am GMT)
91.SweetPotatoes (Finished 6/20 at 11:14am GMT)
92.Puzzlin' Wugs (Finished 6/20 at 11:18am GMT)
93.Covered in 🐝🐝🐝 (Finished 6/20 at 5:39pm GMT)
94.CardinalityRejects (Finished 6/20 at 6:52pm GMT)
95.Squadrilaterals (Finished 6/20 at 9:57pm GMT)
96.Just me (Finished 6/21 at 3:45am GMT)
97.Tweleve Pack (Finished 6/21 at 3:56am GMT)
98.More About Vikings (Finished 6/21 at 6:41am GMT)
99.Yalies (Finished 6/21 at 5:12pm GMT)
100.Tiralmo (Finished 6/21 at 9:20pm GMT)
101.Arrr!!! (Finished 6/22 at 4:45am GMT)
102.plugh (Finished 6/22 at 7:55pm GMT)
103.Orange you glad we Misremembered Apple? (Finished 6/22 at 11:36pm GMT)
104.Callie's Enterprise (Finished 6/23 at 2:08am GMT)
105.Puzzles are for Slovers (Finished 6/24 at 12:04am GMT)
106.Gunmetal Steel (Finished 6/24 at 2:14am GMT)
107.captain pancake (Finished 6/24 at 7:53am GMT)
Casual Track Finishers (alphabetical)
an attempt was made
Doggo Ergo Sum
ET Baby Snakelets
Gone with the Piwend
Keep Puzzling and Nobody Explodes
Ladder Dogs
Much Mind-boggle
The Bermuda Panangle
The Natural 20s
The Very Small Round Table
Wandering Daffodils
Waxing Gibbons