Country Club
"Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen! What a lovely day for a tennis match!"
"You said it, Captain! And look, the players are already underway!"
The two announcers turned towards the screen behind them, their large, mushroom heads slightly bobbing as they followed the back and forth of the ball.
"In case any viewers at home are just joining us, today's special challenger is...PROFESSOR HERSHEL LAYTON!" The second announcer shrieked. "I've heard so much about him!"
"That's right, partner! And look - his forehand sure packs a wallop! I heard he was a fencer in his college days, too!"
"Yes, he was! He qualified for the England fencing team (or maybe it was Wales?) but he gave up his promising athletic career to focus on his archaeology work."
As the announcers looked on, Layton returned the ball with a satisfying WAAAHP! and then pulled out a piece of paper from his back pocket. He continued to run around the court, stealing glances at the paper while returning the ball with formidable precision.
"Waaaah?? Don't tell me...Professor Layton is solving a puzzle in the middle of the tennis match?"
"This is too much! His opponent must be so confused!"
"One thing's for sure - playing tennis against Layton is much more difficult than practice against the wall!"
An assortment of balls rains down from the sky. Where did they all come from?
Hint 1:
Do you have the right address?
Hint 2:
These pokemon prefer Poke Marts and Pokemon Centers to houses and hotels.
Hint 3:
Count the number of spaces between the Monopoly property in the Classic version and the Pokemon's starting location in the Pokemon version.