Solution - Dance Hall

Each of the eight scenes clues a different set of things. The flavor text describing each scene helps to clue the set, while the items in the set are clued by the scene dialogue.

Boston T stationsCentral, Downtown Crossing, State, Government Center, Park StreetClued by the green, red, silver, orange, and blue “teas”, as well as numerous references to stations
US Senate seats, 116th Congress#5, #99, #39, #60, #61, #22Clued by the first letters of the mascots, as well as John Adams, the first senate leader (as vice president)
AirportsLAX, SEA, BIL, ROW, DEN, OAKHidden as capitalized words in the text
T9 keysDEF, MNO, ABC, JKLClued by the first letters of each text message
Disneyland AttractionsPirates Lair, Walt and Mickey statue, Main Street, Disneyland Railroad, ToontownClued by descriptions of the places in Disneyland, and a reference to “magical land” in the scene description
Ticket to Ride routesSalt Lake City-Helena, Helena-Winnipeg, Winnipeg-Duluth, Duluth-Helena, Helena-OmahaClued by a number and color in each paragraph
Star Wars PlanetsEndor, Dathomir, Tatooine, Kashyyyk, CoruscantClued by the planet descriptions
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate charactersFox, Link, Daisy, Snake, Cloud, RobinClued by the characters hidden as words in the text, as well as references to “ultimate”, “spirits”, and “super”

Each set of items draws a letter when plotted in order on an appropriate and current map. These letters spell the answer, BHANGRAS.

Author's Notes

  • The first draft of this puzzle had a bunch of snippets of sheet music depicting pop songs, and you had to identify the song. It tested well enough, but in the end I felt it was very sloggy and not very interesting to solve, so I revised the whole thing.
  • I love mini-puzzles, and oftentimes I will come up with a puzzle mechanic that’s interesting, but not interesting enough to make into a whole puzzle (think of Rick and Morty’s Interdimensional Cable episodes). That’s the beauty of mini-puzzles! And if any mechanic is too esoteric and difficult to get, that’s okay, because chances are you won’t need it to get the answer.
  • That being said, the second draft of Dance Hall had issues. The first two minis were very solve-able (yielding BH), while the other six minis were not. We found that our testers would get BH, give up on the others, and then onelook to get “BHANGRAS.” Not what we wanted. In response, Curtis then moved some of the minis around and replaced some of the more egregiously difficult ones. It turns out that a lot of you use Nutrimatic, and bhangras isn’t in its dictionary. No spoilers on the ones that were removed -- I’m workshopping them and I’ll come up with a way to use those ideas in future puzzles.
  • This puzzle was written before Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge was opened, so the G looks a little funny.
  • Best Wrong Answers:
    Wrong AnswerSubmitted by:
    Duck Gizzards
    T. Yoshisaur Munchakoopas
    Esketit Chuttiegang of /r/PictureGame
    Much Mind-boggle


  • 163 solves
  • 959 incorrect guesses
  • Most common incorrect guess: BHANGRA (guessed 15 times)
  • First solve: Jane Doe in 1 hours, 12 minutes, and 3 seconds