Solution - Restaurant

Each clue gives a word or phrase that begins and ends with the same substring and has a single letter sandwiched in between. A few of the clues, such as 1950s British children's show, are more ambiguous and the solver must apply the sandwich constraint to help identify the correct answer.

Piece of cake!"EASY[P]EASY
Order in a librarySH[U]SH
Mongolian subgroupKHA[L]KHA
Spicy dance?SA[L]SA
2005 Great Big Sea subjectRIVER[D]RIVER
1950s British children's showANDY[P]ANDY
Wise Egyptian godTH[O]TH
First name of a fashion designerGIO[R]GIO
Winnebago seatOSH[K]OSH

Reading the single letters in the given order of the clues provides the solution, PULLED PORK.

Author's Notes

  • The idea for this puzzle was sparked by an earlier unresolved discussion of whether or not a hotdog is a sandwich. While a hotdog could go either way, it did make me wonder if words could be sandwiches. It turns out they can!
  • An earlier iteration of the puzzle had multiple letters sandwiched in the middle along with much more obscure clues, such as “New Zealand locality or Kenyan genre” => “kapuka”. After some feedback, we were able to make this puzzle into a simpler and much cleaner final version.
  • Best Wrong Answers:
    Wrong AnswerSubmitted by:
    POLLY PORKObtuse Beaver Zebra
    POTTED PICKSpecial Task Force: Unicorn
    GALLUP POLLPalarkhapinskyberg
    EGG SALADJust Me


  • 249 solves
  • 103 incorrect guesses
  • Most common incorrect guess: MUFFULETTA (guessed 2 times)
  • First solve: Duck Gizzards in 13 minutes and 54 seconds